Last week me and a few of lecturers join one courses at Puteri Resort Melaka on 21-25 October 2009. This courses is for "Kursus Asas Fotografi" from ASFON (Angkatan Senifoto Negeri Selangor). My fwen fariz, napie, boy, jijie, sarip, shab, iza, apai and isey set off from Rembau at 1100 am. Check in and rest until 0400 pm. I and napie (the person who will jahanam by me) are in a same room. Room number 143. Nothing to say, just i'm enjoy it. A lot of knowledge that i gain from this courses, special thanx to Mr. Shahrudin, Mr. Adnan and Pak Mail. They are my fasilitator aka our mentor.

I learn how to make pitcha have storytelling, composition of image, how to use aparture and shutter properly. In that day, overall 20 pupils join this fotography courses. 1st day in class i'm very shocked! couse i'm just bought my Canon 350D with normal lense (lom beli lense lagi) but they (others photographer) bought Nikon D80, D90, type of MARK D3 n D2H with super lense!! demmit...

So, on friday ASFON organize 1 fotography competition for 3 category: Human Interest, Micro and Landscape. In the morning i go to Melaka Zoo to shot insect and animal. Not much to shot coz i dont have zoom lense for telefoto. sigh.....huhuhuhuh... after jumaat (solat) i go to jonker walk... heheheheheh i like this environtment... my hand just keep n hold the camera... every second i shot the pitcha.. my target is single old man... the pitcha above i shot with my Canon 350D with iso 200 and aparture 5.6 and shutter 15. This image tell audience " old man still use motocycle (have helmet under the leg) even though nowdays has many modern car". This pitcha quit gud (for me laa..) because this old man is between 2 cars. Old car and modern car. So i won it!! kekkekeekekkeke.... hurmmmmm sok kije la.... thats all...




Here we meet again... my office mate having new hobby, collecting action figure. They are Sarip a.k.a En Mad (Transformers), Mr. Fariz (Bleach and Star Wars), me a.k.a Buncho ( Ladybird and Gardener Vinyl) and Fahmon a.k.a Mon a.k.a Que the craziest man who is spend his money every months to buy this action figure or other word we call it "berhala". So, last week i join my friend go to Port Dickson market to survey this Final Fantasy action figure. Our first survey is at the Senawang, by deal.... this "berhala" cost RM250.00.. WTF?? mahal gile sialll...then in the another day we go to Port Dickson to survey.. goshhh... got it!! fahmi buy this Cloud&Fenrir action figure same as that we survey at senawang just RM100.00.. demmit.. murah pulakk Rite now the expensive action figure that my fwen buy is... Devastator. Cost it RM450.00. Crazy huh?? it's a same cost for my monthly car payment.

After buy this "berhala", i just grab my camera bag then shot this Cloud&Fenrir. I use Nikon dslr D60 use iso 800, 1sec and F 5.6. I'm week in nite shooting. So, hantam sajelahh.. sambil mengodek-godek.... that nite i start edit this pitcha.

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