Here we meet again. Last two days me+nabiela and my fwens (rudy&mon) go to the pengkalan kempas for pre-wedding photo shot. Thousand thanx to mista rudy and his slave mon aka clone trooper struggle to finish our (me and nabiela) photo shot. 1St time i arrive there..... wow!! its very fantastic environment!!.. First time i've been there I felt ashamed to take pictures because of many people (fisherman+people "beriadah" and etc).

Start shoting from 0630-0745pm... (mana ntah magrib aku ni...uhuhuhuhu). It's was great!! goshh!! may b before this i go for outdoor shooting alone or with nabiela.. but last 2 days i had member... sharing the idea and knowledge.. k.. got to go now... i'll promise to update my blog sekerap mungkin.

mista buncho :)

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