It's been along time that i'm not update this blog. It's about 1 month!!.. for the readers, i'm really sowey..... last month i'm quit busy for 'equitment meeting + student final project + presentation + final exam + pre senat and etc. Working from 0800am until 0600pm then continue at night 0900pm to 1100pm. Finally, rite now i have free time to online and update my blog.

This is my sem 01 students. They invite me to follow them for making video clips shooting at Teluk Kemang and Port Dickson. 18 students and 4 lecturers going there. They just use 2 camcoder for making the shot. I just guide them from making simple storyboard until shooting finish. It was great!! all of student give very good cooperation (some of them quit lazy jugak la, xsemua). What i'm to share is, they have 1 scene which is need 2 students act like parents. So by using compact powder + eye liner + powder they make over this 2 student (Dona and Fariszuan) become old face. OMG!! its like real! hhahaahahahahah credit for make up artist Kim and Miss Marlia. Miracle touch i'snt it? All sem 01 (Film&Animation) student are kewlll... u guys rock!!. I'll inform u'all (readers) if this music video is publish.