This pitcha was taken at Bukit Tinggi pool and edit by me. I'm use 50mm lens for my Canon 1000D. At the pool have 2 couples of swan, black and white swan. I accidently snap a "love" image of black swan neck.. Horray!! a candid pitcha. This swan are very tame, my wife also can touch this swan.

Ok, this pitcha i dont really use hard editing... just use "level" tools and "color saturation". Just wanna maintain the natural image.

Time out! bubye!



Walaupon topik hari ini bukan mengenai editing gambar, tp ia still lagi berkait dengan kamera.. hahahahah.. Anyway special big thanx to my dear Mrs. Nabilah which is gave me a big suprise. Cerita ini bermula ketika aku sedang mengodek2 web toxel dot com. then, aku jumpa satu kamera gadjet @ souvenir.. korang leh klik kat link tu kalo nk tengok imej tersebut. Aku jumpa pendrive berbentuk kamera. Benda tu aku xtau jual kat M'sia atau x. Just share that link to my wife then dia tanya aku suka ke pendrive berbentuk kamera tu.. Off course la!! heheheheh tapi sayang benda tu xjual kat cni..

16 february after my besday (15th february), she (my wife) really suprising me, she gave me a handmade card (u're very creative my dear) dan satu bungkusan bersaiz business card. Aku budget mesti tali leher. Then when i open it.. tara!!!!!

Thanx dear... daaa...


before after


Suddenly i've 15 minutes rest hour prior before lunch... so i try find my old pitcha collection.. This pic was taken by my bro shafeq (chiekox) at Teluk Cempedak. This is my 1st honeymoon before i went Bukit Tinggi for 2nd honeymoon... (aik? tu pon nk ckp ke?....whatever kekekekke). Nway thanx to Mrs. Nabiela for her appeal+sulky+force+trashing me until i said "jom sayang kita pi honeymoon".... (wut ever again..hahahahahahah)

jom makan!! lapo dah ni!!



Just wanna share with u'll some pitcha edit by me from my mini studio shooting (hak!hak!hak! padahal xmcm studio pon), as usual using famous+cheap+bidang terjun model... here is...... MY WIFE!! kekekekekekke. Actually i tried to buy a studio lamp and stu up a real indoor photoshot studio.. this is my 1st step to learn shooting photo studio..

So, for this photoshot... i,m using speed light then masking on umbrella (silver) for reflection of light and then i add some IKEA lamp as a supplement lighthing. Editing using Photoshop CS and Lightroom