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Today is 14th days all Muslims in world fasting, soon Syawal will comes. I'm thankful because can fast full month long this Ramadhan. In fact, this fasting months able also go through challenge given Allah. Hopefully my life and family will be bless. Impatient to waiting for Hari Raya...kekekekekkeke...

While waiting "waktu berbuka" just now, just-in-time also I make editing in new study this week. As usual I use child picture my niece, Ahmad Imran Hakimi. This picture taken by brother. So, credit for him!! hehehehe i general just edit this picture. I think my niece is a photogenic boy. Look at this picture and others post before... photogenic right??? heheheheheheheh...

This time i use new technique and new software... thanks to Mr. Imran Abdul Jabar. His tutorial on his forum is good for beginner like me. Actually for editing picture i use Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop CS software. After i'm joining Mr. Imran tutorial website here the result... I'm use TopazLab Adjust software. Hmm.. the result not satisfactory...i need to xplore this software... For my blog follower... you can try this software. It's look like easy to use and everyone can try with creativity. The result seems like Dave Hill editing. I'm just comfortable use Photoshop Lightroom software. Hmmmm... got to go... until we meet again.


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